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Candy!!!!!!!!! Fav Fiv #3

Sometimes I wonder if I subconsciously named this series Fav Fiv As in Fav Five days late.. sorry everyone!

Badaba! Welcome to Fav Fiv, the series where I rank things!

This week as suggested by Riley: Fav Fiv Candy Edition!

So lets start out with parameters. Classic candies only, no fancy chocolates or what have you. So here is my top 5 classic candies.

5. Sour Patch Kids

Image result for sour patch kids logo

Sour Patch Kids are everything I want in a snack. They are flavorful, tasty, sugary, and have a twist that makes it particularly different from everything else. That being said sour candies only go so far and these are no exception.





4. Air Head X-Tremes

Image result for airhead xtremes

Airheads never were that special for me (aside from the fact that at my baseball field they were only 25 cents and I could buy them for cheap regularly) But the X-Tremes were a staple of school carnivals and end of the year treats that I really enjoy. Basically a strip of sweet chewy airheads goodness. Mhmmmmmmmmmmmm…..


3. Kit-Kat

We all know Kit-Kat for their iconic jingle..

break me off a piece of thatImage result for break me off a piece of that andy office

office jokes aside Kit Kats are wafer-like, and chocolaty. I will claim right now that Kit-Kat by FAR has the best flavor variety.Image result for all kitkat flavors

my Aunt lives in London and she brings different flavors for Christmas sometimes. Personally I like Dark Chocolate Mint best but I haven’t tried anywhere near all of them so that’s not definite. But regardless of the flavor I really like these.

2. Reese’s

All Reese’s are fine by me. I don’t really care  as long as I get my dose of chocolate and peanut butter. I have tried a fair amount of their many products and I really like all of them.Image result for all reese's products

Note: No clue who this guy or this kid are , they just were in a picture of all Reese’s stuff and at the top of Google Images.

1.Junior Mints

Image result for junior mints

This might be a controversial decision as favorite candy, but my road to Junior Mints was winding as well. I used to hate them, but gradually I came around to them. I can’t remember the last time I watched a movie without getting Junior Mints, and the reason is they are delicious. They have a bite of mint that is refreshing without being overwhelming, a rich chocolate taste that is always welcome to my taste buds. It was a tie between this one and York Peppermint Patties Image result for york peppermint patties

and I’m still not totally sure. But know these were all in there together.


So there is my ranking! Did you agree? Probably not because Snickers and M&Ms are a popular choice that I did not include. Comment your favorites and I will start featuring them in the next Fav Fiv. Also comment what Fav Fiv I should do next. Maybe one not involving food.

So you can listen to our podcast on SoundCloud here

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On that self-promotional note, thank you for reading and as I’m done saying:

break me off a piece of that fancy feast!



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Fast Food-Fav Fiv #2

Note:Special Announcement is Moved to Friday once and for all…. I promise. Stay tuned!

Its Wednesday my dudes. And you know what that means! Fav Fiv(or some number that is not Fiv).

Today I will resent my Favorite Five Fast Food (also alliteration is awesome ain’t it).

5. McDonald’s

Image result for mcdonaldsMcDonald’s is a classic, but as the MKTO song demonstrated, classic can be bad. Breakfast is their strong suit, and moving to all day breakfast is a move I approve of. But everything else, not good enough. Aside from desserts. Still, you would think their burgers would be decent by now. Nope! A solid meh.


4. Taco Bell

Image result for taco bell


Taco Bell is a restaurant which I ate a lot of when I played baseball out of town. I mean, A LOT. Basically every baseball game was preceded by a hard shell taco with pintos and cheese. Recently I’ve been more of a soft shell guy though, but I digress. Their food is healthier than most other fast food and actually tastes good. But why do you guys keep making up foods and adding ‘-rito’? I don’t think it helps, but whatever.


3. Subway

Image result for subway

Subway took a hit for me after being trashed-talked by the odd1sout a couple of times. While I really like his content and those videos are great, I still love Subway. The sandwiches taste good, they aren’t too expensive, and most importantly they are calorie heavy. My #1 cheat day food (and by cheat day I mean everyday).

Question for you reading this though:

 Is Jersey Mikes fast food.?Because if it is it would replace subway in a heartbeat.

2. Sonic

Image result for sonicSonic was a toss up in my mind, because I really love the experience of ordering at and eating at Sonic. Also they serve one of my favorite foods (hot dogs) which is something not a lot of fast food vendors are doing. Also A+  shakes and Slushies. But it still loses out to number one.

1. Wendy’s 


Image result for wendys

I recently have had a couple of Wendy’s meals and they are probably the best fast food chain burgers I have ever had. They have real burgers! Also nuggets and salads play a wonderful supporting role. And who can turn down a Frostie with Fries. But other than food, the drinks are great. The Wendy’s I have been to most frequently has a Coca-Cola freestyle machine, which is basically an endless fountain of wonder. So Wendy’s ranks highest!


Image result for coca cola freestyle

By the way, this is the stuff dreams are made of. So many different choices!

Do you agree with my ranking? Of course you do because it’s amazing. Dissenting opinions will be tolerated though, so leave them in the comments below.

Also, what should I Fav Fiv next? Again, comment! Here is the last Fav Fiv, and here’s to the next one.

Bye, and as I once said while watching a Sonic commercial:

Add some Sprite Cherry, Diet Coke Lime, Fanta Zero Peach, Diet Pineapple Ginger Ale, and you’ve got yourself the James Blonde Pukebuster Special!






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Fav Fiv-Marvel Movies

Super special announcement is rescheduled for Friday, so sorry. Until then, enjoy!

Welcome to the first in a long line of Fav Fiv (or 4,3,2,1).

The title is pretty self explanatory but here I am writing this paragraph so it will be explained. Basically it is my Favorite 5 of somethings but if I have less than 5 then 4,3,2, or 1. Or more than 5, so the title would more accurately Favorites but I wanted a catchy rhyme so I shortened favorite and took off the e in Five. Fav Fiv begins now with my top 5 Marvel Movies.

Image result for marvel studios

5. Ant Man

Image result for ant man


This movie was amazing. It was not hyped up as much as other marvel movies, and featured a less well-known super hero. But all the cast worked perfectly together and created a fresh new story that renewed the ‘funny’ in the MCU. I especially liked the ‘bite-sized’ fight at the very end. It mixed suspense and comedy perfectly while poking fun at the ‘no-stakes’ criticism of Marvel movies. One bad thing that this and Guardians planted the seeds for is too much comedy that actually worsens the lack of stakes in Marvel Movies. But I’ll talk about this in detail soon.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy

Image result for guardians of the galaxy

Guardians has the same vibe of Ant Man in that it has a relatively unknown main slate of characters. Again the cast shined and the story was fresh. I thought the transition to infinity stones/ infinity war setup was very well done by hinting the plot out and not dumping too much information on watchers. Again though Guardians (and especially vol.2)  cut the drama to a point of just a no-consequences comedy. This makes me worried for how the now serious Avengers conflict (plus Spiderman who has his own thing) is going to meet the slapstick Guardians of the Galaxy in a balanced Infinity War. But I reserve judgment until I have watched the movie. Overall though, great movie.

3. Iron Man

Image result for iron man movie poster

Perhaps a surprise to you, but hear me out. Iron Man is commonly ranked at spots 1 and 2 because it started them all and people were sentimentally attached. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Iron Man. But because of the weird order I watched the MCU movies in (Avengers, Captain America, Ultron, Ant Man, then Iron Man) I don’t feel the sentimentality and I think I view it as a movie and not as a feeling. I don’t really have a reason for it to be low, just for the other two to be higher!



2. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Image result for spiderman homecoming posterHands down the best Spider Man movie. Marvel finally got their Spidey back and boy am I glad. After a soft reboot in Captain America: Civil War Tom Holland’s take on a web-slinger origin story is astoundingly good. I keep thinking that if I went over it critically I won’t like it, but I just love it. The only complaint I have is the anti-climactic ending but I feel like that fight just shows that Peter Parker isn’t a major player yet. Spider Man is THE BEST superhero and I felt like this movie finally did him justice. They incorporated Tony Stark brilliantly in a couple of ways. 1) Adding Tony as a fatherly figure gave the story more shape, 2) It showed us how much RDJ recording his voice can impact a movie and 3) it shifted Iron Man’s character in a vital way. It allowed a broken Iron Man after Civil War to become a father figure/ mentor that shifts him out of the crucial role he has been since the beginning. This, I think, is setting up more tragedy for Peter and everyone when Iron Man goes down for good in Infinity War. That’s just my theory but with the role Tony took in this movie it is becoming a distinct possibility. And don’t even get me started about the timeline.

And 1. Avengers

Image result for avengers poster



This may not surprise anyone, but Avengers is my favorite Marvel Movie. The culmination of all the previous setup is a great example of ‘the sum is bigger than the parts’. An epic fight, some epic lines, an epic setup for Infinity War, and an epic positioning of the Marvel Movies to continue.







Black Panther (2018)

Ant Man and Wasp (2018)

Infinity War and Unnamed other Avengers Movie (2018 and 2019 respectively)

Thor Ragnarok (2017)

Almost Made the List:

Doctor Strange (2016)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Did you agree with my ranking? You should, it’s the best. But if for some reason you didn’t, comment it down below! Also what should I review next? Marvel thoughts… etc.

Thanks for reading and as I screamed when Phil Coulson ‘died’:

I have a plan. Attack.

Image result for iron man avengers plane