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A Musically Infused LAY #11

Hey guys!

It’s Life and You time, where I talk about my life, and ask and answer questions from you.

Also before we start shout out to Cat for joining the blog, may the odds be ever in your favor for the war of the views. This might hurt me in the rankings but check out her most recent post here.


So about life. Today was alright, one of those days where you just wake up in a foul mood. I didn’t have tests today so that’s one positive thing. Also I listened back to the podcast we originally recorded and honesty I just hated it. We didn’t structure it well and I just sounded like an idiot. So I wrote a new episode plan and I hope you guys will like it. The direction I think the podcast is going to take is a conversation with games (think Wait Wait! Don’t Tell Me meets Ear Biscuits). So hopefully after my friends and I hang out on Saturday Riley can stay and record an episode (because the brother section of the podcast is just awkward by ourselves). And maybe if the podcast miraculously becomes extremely popular (cause who doesn’t want to hear kids ramble on about inconsequential things) we’ll release an Anthology of sorts with the cut episode and other outtakes.

The Nerd and His Brother,, and usually riley premieres Monday, May 1st and website will be up hopefully April 27th.


And question time!!!!!

Victoria (a.k.a bittersweetlyirrevocable) asks:

What is your favorite instrument and why?

I deliberated for a long time on this question (lol so long I didn’t put it in the last LAY) and I decided to make a top 3 list for you.

1) Piano

I play piano and while I am not good at it I absolutely love it. from Mozart to Joplin to Sinatra to McCartney to Joseph, any style of music can be made on the piano, and that wonderful range and diversity is why it ranks 1 on my list.

2) Guzheng

An ancient Chinese instrument Riley and I discovered in the fall, I also like the range of songs you can play on it. At school we actually saw guzheng player Wu Fei and she was amazing! The instument is so cool but so very expensive and looks incredibly difficult to learn, much less master. Here is a video of Wu Fei and Abigail Washburn playing a song we saw them perform live!

3) Saxophone

The saxophone is a very nice sounding instrument. While it is kind of limited to Jazz/background in a band, it is so soulful and sounds so cool. I also play saxophone, and I know it much better than I know piano.

Which is your favorite? Do you agree? Disagree? The question for you this week is in the form of a poll here.

And if you want your question in the next LAY or heck, maybe in the first Nerd and Brother podcast (premiering May 1st on soundcloud and on website), just comment on this post and I will see it and answer it!

That I think wraps it up for this post, stay tuned for the next LAY in about a week! Coming up next in my posting schedule is a book exclusively written through text co-written by me and Victoria.

So adios, and as I like to think I say:

Why can’t I do everything right in life, even if I did everything perfectly?

Comment the reason 😀

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A relaxing LAY #10


Okay I lied. Maybe it isn’t going to be very relaxing. I am posting this at 9:00 PM my time, which is this blogs most viewed time of day. Getting those views!! Speaking of views, starting May 1st I will be on a daily post grind. I will post EVERY SINGLE DAY until the end of May, and maybe even after that!


Earlier this month my life turned upside down. And it is all because of this. Now this might seem anticlimactic, but try it! It is an awesome tea and reminds me of assorted product you can guess in the comments. 

*I put milk in my tea so you might not get the same taste without the milk. *

Also I have an update on my podcast. Delays were pushing it back, but it premieres May 1st. Website might be up before then!!!

Good Friday is coming up so no school!! Also Easter so yay!

Anyways the post is over now hope you enjoyed it!

As I monotonously type in to a computer everyday:

Can something taste numb? 

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A confused and hyped LAY #9


I really don’t know a good intro.

Welcome back to Life and You, where I talk about life, and I ask about you!

So first of all a lot of people had different opinions on Beauty and the Beast. But this is Trump’s America, so I can just silence all opinions that don’t line up with mine.

xD now I get to tag Donald Trump :D. Bring in the clicks!!

In all seriousness, I’m glad people gave me new perspectives on parts of the movie. Maybe I was too harsh.

And next I broke my computer on April Fools day!

Image result for yay gif

So when I saw it my first thought was “Nice prank”

I left my computer on the floor and someone (probably me) stepped on it. I’m a fool, I know. Good news is it’s just the screen so I bought a replacement.

And something amazing happened….

NEW DOCToR WHO SErIES TEN TRaILeR MORE TENtH PLaNeT CYbERMeN!!!! Also a huge spoiler at the end so actually don’t watch it.

Next up in the week’s news is Rhett and Link’s Ear Biscuits! It is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t know what Ear Biscuits is, it is basically Rhett and Link’s podcast that was gone last year but is now back! If you don’t know who Rhett and Link are…Image result for get out gif

I’m writing this at school during a break and there is a guy who keeps kicking me and he won’t stop and it’s really annoying. I apologize for the run on sentence. Also I have started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it is awesome. I am working on convincing my parents to let me watch The Office (U.S) and Firefly.

Image result for well this is different gif

I don’t have any questions from anyone….

Moving on

I was a little behind on my March Books and I am finished with Magnus Chase but not nearly done with Brave Story.

And today I ask you people to tell me what April Fools pranks you’ve given/received/witnesses. I will tell you my INCREDIBLE STORY in the next LAY along with some commented April Fools Pranks.

Welp that does it and as I firmly believe:

Wait why does Peter Capaldi fight Tenth Planet Cybermen in the new series if the cyber men we have been seeing after the series 2 finale have not been cybus……

P.S actually I am very confused plz comment the answer.

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Books Galore LAY #7

It’s Blond, James Blond, and today in Life and You I will be talking about books. And later I will be answering a question about Television from new author Stacy.

I personally love books, just glancing around my room I can see all the books I have read, and they bring back fond memories.

But I have a confession

Image result for astonished gif

Forgive me book gods (American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Anyone. Anyone?) for I have sinned. Lately I have not been reading books. I have been caught up in YouTube, Pokemon Go, even chess. But I have been neglecting my one true love.. books.

To give some context we need to hop in the Mario TARDISwp-1486696073527.jpg

and fly back to 2013.

In 2013 I was a young boy, frolicking in the fields of my family home, folding origami with Riley, and most of all reading. Let me see. I read…

The Series of Unfortunate Events, several Harry Potter books, The Mysterious Benedict Society Series, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, 6 books of the Artemis Fowl series, The Secret Series, the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus Series, Don Quixote abridged, Little Women (I crie everytime), When You Reach Me, At Least 3/4 of all Hardy Boys books every written (including the horrible Nancy Drew crossover), *deep breath*, The Giver, The Kid From Tomkinsville, Frindle, The Bridge to Terabithia, and The Silver Crown. And those are just the books I have.

Yeah, I read a lot. It may have been due to the fact that I was grounded for much of that school year and my forms of entertainment were read and fold origami, but I loved it.

But now, I am always on my phone, and the last books I read were The Gallery (a fantastic book) and Jane Eyre for school.

I have been thinking about this for a while, and it is time for me to change my wicked ways. I will be reading a lot more often. I vow at least 2 books a month (unless they are really long) and I will review those books when I finish so you guys can check those out.

And my question for you guys comes in three parts. One, have you ready any of the books I mentioned? Two, what books have you read recently? And Third (Thirdly, thrice?), what book would you recommend I read. My current book for March is Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Book 1. It is a continuation of the Percy Jackson universe and I am really excited.

And Stacy asked me

whats your favorite tv show

My favorite TV show is definitely the West Wing. I talk about it a lot so please please please watch it on Netflix. Then reference it in the comments and I will feature a West Wing fan every post (if we get that many).

So yeah, that wraps up the post.

Write your questions in the comments and if its good I will answer it in a future LAY. And answer my questions in the comments.

Be sure to check out this link to watch the insane paintball tournament Riley and Victoria and Stacy and I participated in thanks to our sponsorship by Microsoft. Huge shout out to them, they do such amazing work.

Goodbye everyone, and as I always like to say:

The Paintball Tournament is like Rick and Morty

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Hey! It’s Jamesblonde123, back at it with Life and You.

Sorry it’s been so long, but at the end I have a special teaser for our new podcast!


If you didn’t know, I basically talk about my life and answer questions from you. Also I pose questions to you in polls.

So here is a question from riseofthechairs

whats your favorite bridge

Great question riseofthechairs.

I liked your old name, but I am hopeful with the new one.

Your user is pretty much like Doctor Who. Whenever it regenerates, I like the old one more, but then I fall in love with the new one. I loved Tennant, but then I loved Smith. I hope Capaldi’s successor is a good fit.

Back to the LAY.


I could say something that is really meaningful like the bridge between dreams and reality, life and death, but I have to go with Golden Gate. It is unfortunately not made out of gold.

So yeah, if you want your question to get answered in a LAY just type it in the comments. And I with probably answer it either on LAY or on our podcast. Speaking of NABUR (The Nerd and his Brother and Usually Riley) Here is our exclusive logo sneak peek.

Displaying Nerd and his brother.jpg

So yeah. Theme song sneak peek coming soon 😀

And now my question for you guys.

What do you want me to do on the Backpack?

More LAY, stories, I really would love to know your preference.  So just comment your suggestions!

On to my life! My has been okay recently, and I’m busy/excited to be working on NABUR (NABUR release date TBD, but probably first week of March).

Recently Riley has introduced me to tons of music I knew nothing about. I feel ashamed now.

My current music interests are:

Spirits by The Strumbellas

Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz

Trees by TOP

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People

Death of a Bachelor by PANIC! at the disco

and ones I already knew and loved

Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash

The Gambler by fun

Oh and Gen 2 came to pokemon go so I am going Pokemon hunting today :D. I already got some so thats neat. And my all time favorite Pokemon Wobbuffet  was added so I hope I catch 1!

That’s it!

And as I always say:

That’s just a post, a WORDPRESS post. Thanks for liking!


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LAY #5

Hello everyone! I have been doing so much math work so I haven’t been posting. I am not on the ‘Cheeses’ thing at the bottom of Riley’s Backpack. So I’m back! Now a comment from the last post.

Maz asked me…

What’s the square root of Jamie plus 5 multiplied by x where x equals 563 times 4 divided by 63

Personally, I think this is a fantastic question. As you might know, I am an accomplished scholar in the field of name and symbol mathematics.  So I will give you a little lesson.

To figure out this problem, we need to determine the square root of Jamie.

Basic Name Mathematics dictate that the formula for finding the value of a name is:


xa=the first letter of the name

xb=the second letter



the letter values are their number in the alphabet. Here is all of it that applies to Jamie.


So xa=10, xb=1, xc=13,xd=9.

So here is the formula again.


and here is it with the values plugged in.


So solved, it is 1764

So that is the value of the name. But we are trying to find the square root, which is 42.

So the square root of Jamie is 42. And 42 is the answer to the universe. SO that means that Jamie is the answer to the universe, right? No, it means the answer to Jamie is the universe.

You see, Jamie needs to travel the stars with the Doctor, but he can’t be a major companion because he is male (and his name isn’t Rory). But what if…Jamie will be the doctor?

Peter Capaldi has announced that he is leaving doctor who. What if Jamie is the one to take his place? The pieces all line up.


LOl this is all just to announce the reboot of my conspiracy theory series.

But thank you so much for sending in the question Maz. If you want to sent a question, just type it in the comments.

And I need questions/requests for my new podcast, so submit those in the comments with the beginning NAB. Short for Nerd and Brother, the name of the podcast.

So that’s gonna wrap it up for this post!

See ya real soon and as I always say:

Doctor Who is confusing to follow on Amazon Video.

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An introspective LAY #3

Hello and welcome to my humble abode!

Inner Cynical Jamie: Humble abode? What a freakish way to start the LAY.

I thought humble abode was a nice homey way to introduce new or returning readers to my post. 

Inner Cynical Jamie: Well it sounds weird, and you are neglecting your math homework. You are never going to succeed.

Wow. Am I really that mean?

Whole word: YES!

Fine. I’ll just change the intro.

Hello and welcome to another adventure in Life and You!

Inner Cynical Jamie: Adventure? So wei-


This has been so weird so far.


In case you haven’t read a LAY before, it’s basically me ripping off TAT by OY30.

But it has a different 3-letter acronym, so he can’t sue us!


What every the case I’ll answer questions/ requests from you and share about my life.

But I was reading the comments from the last one and NOBODY asked a question.

So I’ll just talk about me.

My life is going pretty well. School is fine, and my podcast is encountering more obstacles. But we’ve got it, so don’t worry!

Maz just posted a picture of her chalkboard and it reminded me that I want a long-board. So that’s that.

I have a Yoda clock I put on my desk and it looks so cool!

The featured cool stuff for the week.

This week it is..

It’s a great book called Twerp. I highly recommend it.

And that’s it!

I’m begging you to comment something. Anything.

And as I always say:

Coffee doesn’t stunt your growth, it’s a myth.

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Sonnet and serious stuff LAY #2

And by serious stuff I mean chocolate

Hi I’m Jamesblonde123, a horribly inactive author who still posts more than Maz.

Welcome back to life and you, where I talk about my life and talk to you!

*This is a really long post.*

Today I will be talking about one of the best things on earth. Chocolate.

So much sad stuff is in the news lately. Donald Trump, the tragic passing of Andy Marte, Donald Trump…

So I thought I’d lighten up the mood and talk about (among other things) chocolate.

*Originally I was going to make this episode a comparison about price for quantity of chocolate but realized I don’t have the budget to buy chocolate*

But because I want to keep you reading, you have to wait until the end of the post.

Or scroll down I guess… *face palm*

So first I want to bring up a little UPDATE/SELF PROMO for my new podcast with my brother (The Nerd and his Brother)

We are still set to roll out on Feb 17 on Blubrry. Our website is experiencing some technical delays

Image result for technical error

But will hopefully be out before the 17th.

We are working really hard to get this right so I hope that you enjoy!

Even if you don’t read my posts and read Riley’s, he will be a recurring guest so listen for that if nothing else.

Next up I want to share that I just got a Pichu in Pokemon Go! For the dozen of you still playing, you know how cool and rare that is. But for all of you who don’t, lemme break it down.

They just added baby pokemon in Pokemon Go. Pichu is the baby version of Pikachu, and he is SUPER rare. But I found in an egg and I was so excited.

And now we talk about a great new game that my friends made.

It’s called Lunch Special. It is a wheel that you spin at lunch with your friends. Whatever it lands on, you do. It could land on an accent challenge, personality switch, or a good old truth or dare.

It is just in beta testing, but we will have it out to the general market soon!

Lol Just Kidding for those of you who don’t get sarcasm.

But yeah credit to Simone, Victoria, and Jordan for creating it.

Moving On!

We have these annoying things at school now called restorative circles. Basically you pass around a ‘talking stick’ and answer stupid questions from the teacher. It takes up class so we get behind and have to do the circle in the first place. We talk about ‘talking from your heart’ and ‘listening from your heart’. Riley wrote a post about it but it is just SO BAD!

And now a word from our sponsors

Have you ever felt like your socks are to solid? Well now there is a solution! Air Socks! The socks that are made of air! Simply take of your socks and the hyrolithic algorithms in our technology will automatically put your air-socks on. It’s like you’re not wearing socks, because you aren’t. But you still get to pay for them! Air-socks, preorder nowhere today.

Lol Just Kidding for those of you who don’t get sarcasm.

So now for the cool stuff.

Today it is this:

Avengers-Inside-Out by CuddleswithCats

I just love that there are enough people in the world that awesome stuff like this happens.

And for my penultimate trick, I will talk about chocolate.

Most people love chocolate. But I want to know which people prefer.

I like dark chocolate myself, but some like milk, semisweet, or even *shudders* white chocolate.

Or you could like a particular candy, or type of candy (Peanut Butter M&M’s).

What ever it is I’d love to know which is a favorite, and I will make a dish on my other blog Cooking with Jamie on the one that gets the most votes.

So comment your favorite type of chocolate!

So now as promised a sonnet I wrote. It is basically a complicated love poem, and this one is from mickey mouse to minnie mouse. I hope you like it.

Minnie, I love you as any mouse loves cheese


Like the taste that always fills me with joy


You are as nice as a warm summer’s breeze


And a beauty that makes me say “Oh boy!”


You make our lives so complete with your smile


Lighting up even the darkest of days


And making me sing “Hot Dog” for a while


Your kind patience never fails to amaze


Donald, and Daisy and Goofy are fine


But even they cannot compare to you


Because you are the one that I call mine


The one who cheers me up when I am blue


You are without a doubt a swell, fine mouse
And an amazing part of our clubhouse


So that’s the post. If you want to be in the next LAY write your question in the comments!


Also thanks to Victoria for joining the blog. She has posted twice already and they are great. So go check her posts out here.

Thanks for reading and as I always say:

A day in the life doesn’t really create enough pizza for a party of 5