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What is YOUR Favorite Origami Yoda Book?

I have to go with Princess Labelmaker…

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Batman Beyond!

Batman Beyond

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Sorry I Am…

Gotten to post I have not…

Hopefully soon I will have my own computer…

(Gee I sure wish ftfhero and StookyLukey would post so they don’t get kicked off…)

Every Picture Ever!

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My Entire Origami Finger Puppet Collection!


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Admiral Power!


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May The Folds Be With Me

I am starting 8th Grade Virtual School… in 5th Grade…


If there are any more contest entries please give them to me now. In this post. If you want to enter in the origami contest, please enter now. We have StookyLukey, CaptainOrigami, and fluffyponyy.

Also, SF/MF John, If your going to enter something please do it now.

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My Origami Yoda Theory

Captain Micah is from a different school where there is a different version of everyone else.

Example A: The lady with the wipes who comes in sounds and appears to be like Mr. Good Clean Fun.

Example B: Captain Micah says “Plesiosaur to meet you” which means there is a version of Murky at that school making up Murkisms.

I think, that Dwight created OY not just to help Ralph Mquarrie, but to help everyone, and possibly people on different planets.

Example A: Dwight puts Zynamon 5

And OY getting in the Mail-Lennium Falcon? Well, I have no theory for that…


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How Do I Get Tom To Come To My School or A Bookstore?

Can anyone help?

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My Case File!

I am making a Case File!!!! Not an Expanded Universe Case File, but a Case File about ME AND MY FRIENDS!! Don’t know about how it’s going to be interesting… but we have finger puppets. I will never be able to print it… so i’ll get all my friends to print it once, then i’ll print it a the store.

P.S My finger Puppet is Captain Rex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S I know how Tom gets the doodles in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Star Wars Origami Stop Motion Video!

Isn’t it cool!