Somewhere Else Poetry

Somewhere Else #9

Sunlight is draped over the room

In it comes, with the force of a typhoon

Those who thought to stare down it’s rays

Only ended up in a blind daze

On and on, day after day, week after week

Somewhere always felt the sun peek

Though often personified, it remained emotionless

Though never aware, it helped relieve stress

Though less appreciated, it kept doing it’s job

Through thick and thin, it will never stop


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Somewhere Else #8

Just take 50 paces, then make a right

Walk towards the tree that blocks the light

Once there, look in the massive hollow trunk

And find the cave where you’ll soon spelunk

Scale down the wall, but be very cautious

Don’t look down or you’ll be nauseous

Once you hit the bottom, take the path on the left

The right has tricky foot holds, and bats which equal death

Down the tunnel, you hear a rushing waterfall

Get into the room, sit down after your long haul

Droplets spraying into the air around

The water flows in and out of the ground

The constant push of the freezing water, then the fall

Sitting comfortably reading a book against the wall

Sorry this one sucked!

Somewhere Else Poetry

Somewhere Else #7

Always tugging at us to come back

Whenever it’s resolve we lack

A home is a wonderful thing, though often underappreciated

It’s the one thing that always fuels you, and keeps you motivated

Through thick and thin

It’s where you begin

Your often unmade bed waiting for you every night

Inevitably ready to rejuvenate you after every day’s fight

A place to store all of your nostalgic trinkets

With shelves of DVDs, even though you only watch Netflix

A home is the place your heart yearns to be

Even if it’s just a nice shady tree


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Somewhere Else #6

Let the clouds engulf you.

Fluffy and ever-morphing
Somehow alwats triggering endorphins
Whether crying or majestic, they emit emotion
Evoking feelings of nostalgia or devotion
Stirring up old thoughts from your mind
You may be surprised by what you’ll find
Welcome to the cloud kingdom
We’re full of opportunities for stardom
And teeming with imagination
You can come here for creation
Or simply stop by for some daily elation
You’re leaving already?
Stay here, you aren’t ready
Come back to the castle!
We don’t want any hassle, we just want you
Don’t let the clouds engulf you.

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Somewhere Else #5

The beach

The water battles the sand
Constantly fighting the land
Humans and pets of all sorts
Searching for a way to enjoy this more
Umbrellas stand contrasted against the sky
The seagulls spirited, dash, zoom and fly
Towels spread out in random order
In the distance, waves helping a surf boarder
Snippets of voices drift through the air
Audio of plans, people, someone’s nice hair
Get your popsicles here!
It is hot isn’t it dear?
I like those bangs girl!
Wow, I can’t believe you found a pearl!
What a great place to relax and get tan
Boy, i’d trade it all for a fan
Impossible to hear all the things they say
Salty waters foam up to greet them all day

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Somewhere Else #4


A star speckled sky surrounds you
The roof of your house, now a makeshift bed
Gives you a place to watch License to Wed
A cool breeze blows by
You hear the house shiver and sigh
Pulling the blankets up to your chin
Eating chunks of chicken out of a metal tin
Aside from the drive-in, there’s plenty to see
Because the world is your silver screen
Keep track of the people, make sure they’re ok
Bob is fine, he was here yesterday
Linda pulled through her addiction
But Terry got a conviction
The soap operas of daily life
Are as you notice, quite prone to strife
The world never runs out of suprises

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Somewhere Else #3

A third poem.

Around you, canopies of branches lean down
Insects scurrying rapidly along the ground
Far away, you hear the cry of an injured animal
Ancient instincts waking, you feel primordial
Trampling through the underbrush
The green leaves around you twist and fuss
Grass long forgotten by a nonchalant sun
Blocking it’s rays, the trees have won
But life continues elsewhere in the forest
Bunnies sprint from predators, no time to rest
A birds eye view only reveals more trees
Miles and miles of no one, you’re free
Looking out at the big picture
You can see
This place is still run by nature

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Somewhere Else #2

Another poem.

A city of twinkling windows
People rushing to go where they’re going
The lights emitting keep everything glowing
A beacon of hope and yet often of crime
The city always stays up past it’s bedtime
A noisy sea of florescent lighting
The inhabitants always incessantly fighting
Noisy neighbors and corner stores
Rickety movie theaters and used dance floors
They try not to wake up those who are sleeping
Those thousands of people curled up weeping
A city whose satisfied people you could count on 10 toes

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Somewhere Else #1

A poem.

Basking in the light of the sun
A blanket of blue draped across the sky
White fluffy clouds roaming lazily around
Below that, a lush green carpet on the ground
A legion of trees stand tall together
Ready to withstand all obstacles,  forever
Red crisp apples develop on it’s limbs
Ready to satisfy your stomach’s whims
In the distance, a farmhouse on a hill
Maroon and white, right next to a windmill
Eternally providing power for the humans
Down in the valley, a house for the orphans
On the peak of the mountains, a fresh snowfall
Purple and jagged they form a natural wall
The sun sets, and the colors sink along with it
Satisfied with you, the moon keeps the world lit