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What’s Cooking? #1 – Grilled Cheese with Lox

Hello there you wubbulous waffles. (standard apology for not posting in a while, blurb about not being inspired, blurb about forgetting to post).

You may have been wondering; what does this title mean? Luckily for you, I’m here to answer that question! What’s Cooking? is going to be a new series on the blog!

The basic premise is that I cook weird stuff, detail how I make it in a post, and review it at the end. I think this is going to be a really fun series for both of us. While I get some much-needed cooking experience, you would be able to whip up your own dish from the recipe if you think it looks good.

The typical outline for each of these posts is going to be Recipe, Final Product, Review.

I had the idea for the series while making a late-night grilled cheese sandwich, which I had the idea to put lox on. I had no idea how it would turn out, I just thought it would be fun to make and eat.

Here we go!


Ingredients: Two slices of white bread, Two slices of Havarti cheese, Mayonnaise, Lox, some Butter

Start by putting a little bit of butter on a pan and heating it up to about medium on the stovetop. While this is warming up, spread mayonnaise on both sides of both slices of bread, and nestle your cheese between the two. *you can choose to put the lox in here, I didn’t, but I think I should have* Then, put the sandwich on to the pan.

*sorry for low picture quality, I’ll have a steadier hand next time*

If the sandwich doesn’t sizzle immediately, don’t worry about it, mine took a minute to start grilling. Make sure you don’t burn either side, perfect turns to burnt way too quickly. This is when I put my lox into the sandwich, but I probably should have put it in before I started cooking for a better result.

I did a good job getting the sandwich just grilled enough, but I should have put the lox in with the cheese. Next time I definitely will see what it’s like. All in all, it didn’t turn out too terribly.

Final Product


The main reason I should’ve added the lox, in the beginning, is because it was still cold when I put it in afterward, even though it was inside all that gooey warm cheese. I had to microwave it for about 30 seconds to get it to a temperature that could keep up with the heat of the rest of the sandwich.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post, I hope you enjoyed the pilot post for this series.

Do you have any suggestions of food fusions or ways that I could have improved this one? Leave your feedback in the comments below! Let me know if any of you decide to cook this recipe!