Clash Of Clans

Clash Royale: My New Deck

Hello there you scalene triangles, today I’m sharing my deck in Clash Royale. 

In light of how much the game has changed in the few months I was away, my old deck is obsolete.

Obsolete ;-;

Luckily though, I’ve found a new deck that uses the OP Elite Barbarians in a way i’ m comfortable with using.

With an Average Elixir Cost of 3.4, this one dares far better against more modern decks.

This deck helped me push from 2200 to 2450!

If you have the Elite Barbs and Fire Spirits at the beginning of the match, play them both with the Fire Spirits staggered behind a bit.

Also if you have the Zap and Elite Barbs, you can send them ahead and use the Zap to obliterate a defending Skeleton Army or Minion Horde.

Same thing goes with the Hog and Fire Spirits/Zap.

Main Offense:

Hog Trifecta

Hog w/Goblins or Fire Spirits

Elite Barbarians w/Fire Spirits or Zap

Main Defense:

To counter Elite Barbarians, use the Bomber and pull them to the middle with Fire Spirits.

For anything else, Goblins, Musketeer, Bomber, Zap, or Valkyrie depending on the situation.

Thanks for reading this post :3