How To: Ruin Any School Computer

Hello there ya lovely people, today i’m going to be teaching you how to screw up school computers. Y’know how most computers or laptops at school have like 15 different test-taking and typing programs. That makes it easy

STEP ONE: Make sure no teachers are watching. Otherwise you’re done for..

STEP TWO: Drag your mouse while holding down left click to make one of those selecting blue boxes. Position it around all the icons, then, once it’s all selected and good, right click and then hit open.

Since school computers are pretty slow, this will postpone it for a while, and baffle anyone who doesn’t know how to use Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

Not sure why you would want to ruin educating computers, but hey, whatever.

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How To: Take A Picture Of Your Art

​Hello there ya air-breathing freaks, today I’m here to help you find the perfect way to photograph your drawings/origami/other??

STEP 1: Have your art ready to go! You have made it right? Right?

STEP 2: Contrasting Color Time! If your drawings background is white, have some black construction paper around it. Or if your R2-D2 finger puppet is primarily blue, add a red background behind it for the picture. You want your piece to stand out.

STEP 3: Find a place with good lighting. No one wants to barely be able to see something on their screen, or have some stray light messing up the picture. Depending on what your taking the picture of, sometimes, inside with the lights on is best, and sometimes, outside in the shade is best. It all depends.

STEP 4: Take a few pictures. One might get screwed up, so take a couple of pictures, maybe some close-up, or maybe long-shots? 

I always take like 10 pictures of my Food World comics, and pick out the one I think is best 😀

STEP 5: Upload em 😀. Easiest step in the book.

Welp thanks for reading buddies, if you enjoyed, I encourage you to leave a like, and especially a comment, cause having an interactive community is coolio!!


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How To: Arrange A War in Clash of Clans

Hello there ya peeps, today I’m going to be telling you how to war against your friends in Clash of Clans! If anyone wants to try to war against my clan, leave a comment *insert devil smile emoji here*

STEP 1: Find some clan who wants to war against you! This is pretty easy, cause I’m here and I always want to war against someone, but if you don’t wanna war me, you can just go on global and ask around for someone who would fight your clan.

STEP 2: Pick out all your players on each team. On each side the bases have to be relatively close in strength, so if you have 4 max TH 7’s on your team, the enemy will have to have them too. They don’t have to be spot on close, but close enough that they are about equal.

STEP 3: Find a start time that works for both of you. Most likely you will either need something like kik, or WordPress comments to talk to someone. It’s not that hard.

STEP 4: Start it! Here are some quick little tips so you don’t screw this up 😀

  • Both have to start at the EXACT same time.
  • If the names on your list don’t show up when you start it, cancel it, and get them to cancel too
  • Taking longer than a few minutes? Don’t worry, it’s supposed to!

STEP 5: Get rekt by Polar Cheese 😀

So yea, there’s how you can war your friends. If you actually wanna go against Polar Cheese, tell me in the comments 😀



How To: Do Your Homework Efficiently

​Hello there, may I just comment on how SILENT GREEN IS MADE OF PEEEEOPPPLLLLEEEE. 

Today I’m going to be telling silent green, uh, I mean you, how to successfully manage your homework!

STEP 1: Make a space for your homework! Find an area in your house that is usually free of distractions, somewhere quiet, with no annoying siblings or outside noise! If you can’t find a place like that, you can usually just go to the library!

Or, if there is no library nearby, you can trick your siblings into going somewhere else. For example, when I wanna be alone, I go into the living room, and turn on some movie that they like, sit down for the first 10 minutes, then leave. They stay!
STEP 2: Find some good music. I recommend either classical or jazz. Find just the right playlist, and you have the key to do I homework efficiently. Usually, I just go on YouTube, type in homework music, and it pops up with like a 2-hour long video of a bunch of songs MADE for helping YOU finish that essay.

STEP 3: Stop procrastinating! If you put your homework off for later, you are probably just gonna forget it. Always make sure you get it in on time, or your screwed..

Alternatively, you can do what I do, which is finish everything either in class while the teacher is talking, or in the car ride to school 😉

Thanks for reading this far buddy, cya l8r..


How To: Write a Haiku

​Now, I’m no expert, and about half I know about Haikus comes from a funny clip in Avatar: The Last Airbender where a character stumbles into a poetry school, and has a duel of words with the teacher, as all the students are laughing at him.

But anyways, based on my knowledge from that, and some book I read in school about poetry, I’m here to tell you how to write Haikus.

STEP 1: Come up with an idea. Just like when you’re writing stories, you can get writer’s block, so make sure you have a clear understanding about what you’re going to write, or you’re just gonna fail. Like I did the first time 😀

STEP 2: 5-7-5. Here’s the difficult part. After you have your idea, you have to kinda change your words around and find synonyms for words. Let’s say this is your original idea:

I have never eaten cheese

I’m no eater of food, for that’s EVIL


You have to make it so that each line comes up with a certain amount of syllables. Example:

5 – I do not eat cheese

7 – I’m no cannibal, of food

5 – You are not Gouda

There’s the perfect poetry lol.

STEP 3: Getting it out there. Psssst, making a poetry blog is much, much easier than other blogs, cause you are allowed to tag EVERY post with Writing and Poetry. Take it from me, those two words will bring you more popularity than a shout out from a famous blogger. Wanna know why? Think of the millions of people using WordPress, and to a greater extent, the internet, everyday. Writing, Poetry, Food, Music, and Humor are some of the most popular search terms.Other than PewDiePie.

So yep, thanks for reading all this stuff. I got more Brendan music heading your way later today.


How To: Make a Bowl of Cereal!

​HELLO THERE. Today I’ll tell you how to pour your very own bowl of cereal, because I’m too lazy to make another comic right now, and it’s too hot to go Pokémon GOing. So yea. 6-Step Guide time.

STEP 1: Find your favorite cereal or two. My favorites are Honey Nut Cheerios and Cocoa Puffs xD

STEP 2: Don’t forget the milk silly. 

STEP 3: Find a bowl around your house, unless you never have ice cream, soup, or cereal, then you should be able to find one.

STEP 4: Pour your cereal in the bowl first, then once it’s settled, put the milk in there too. 

STEP 5: BUT WAIT YOU’RE NOT DONE. Put the milk up, then attempt to put your spoon on your nose and carry it to the sink. Then grab your bowl, walk to the sink, and wash the bowl.

STEP 6: Go and read your favorite bloggers after breakfast.

Thanks for reading this far..



How To: Make a How To Post

Hello there, you are a reader, and I am finding out that an intro everyday that starts with Hello blah blah blah… But today I’m here to tell you how to how to!

Step 1: Come up with a concept! Like this one! Only not this one! ITS MINE!

Step 2: Write the Steps! Like these ones! Only not like these ones! THEIR MINE!

Step 3: Make sure to add an excerpt at the end to explain your crazy antics.

Thanks for reading, and yes, I feel your hate, but this post was a joke :D. There will be another one that’s not so weird later today. But remember, I won’t be able to keep up with this everyday schedule for a while because I only have 2 Gigabytes of data on my cellphone.

Continuation of Step 3: Like that one! Only not like that one! THAT ONE IS MINE!

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How To: Increase Your Audience

Hello, im a piece of cheese and YOU’RE reading my post about how to increase your blog’s audience. 
1. Blog about a large range of subjects, but keep it balanced well. It makes sense that gaming bloggers and writing bloggers will have different people reading them right? So if you post about gaming and writing at the same time it’s logical to say that if you can find a way to write about lots of different things then you can greatly expand your amount of readers.

Hmm, do you know any blogger who posts about loads of subjects? Maybe they vary between gaming, his life, writing, and how-to’s? Yea not ringing a bell for me either..

2. The more people you follow, the more follow you people!! Wait what? But seriously, a good way to bring in new people is to explore the blogosphere! Look around your favorite topics for other blogs that talk about the same things you do. Thats how I found a load of you people!!

3. Post often and with quality! If you dont post at least once every two days, then your fans will lose interest! Causing them to unfollow (*^o^*)
Well that concludes our second official How-To post.. I hope you liked it. If not, i’ve got another Adventure To Fate! Battle Arena episode in production stages!

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How To: Make Your Dog Happy

Hello you wonderful bloggers and/or readers. TODAY, I am here to help you appreciate your pets!

Step 1, GET A DOG.. you can’t enjoy your dog if you don’t have a dog!!

Step 2, LEARN TO LOVE… your dog, if you don’t know what your dog likes and doesn’t like then you can’t make him happy!

Step 3, FIND YOUR… dog’s favorite brand o’ food. Usually its wet food, but sometimes it can be other kinds depending on the dog.

Now you have all the tools to make yourself your dogs favorite person!!

Welp that was my very cringy attempt at writing a post without planning it beforehand.