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Twenty One Pilots Concert

Hello there you Trees. Last night was the concert that I have been waiting a very, very long time to go to. If you are a long time reader of the blog, you probably remember the two posts I’ve made talking about my favorite bands.

If you haven’t read those, you can see them both here.

I’m writing this on the drive back from Memphis, listening to some peaceful music 

My mom and I got there at around 7:30, and the actual concert started around 9:10. There were two opening performers, Judah and the Lion, and Jon Bellion, who both did well.

Tyler opened with Fairly Local, and a huge Blurryface talking. The show was amazing, and I failed to get a good picture from the top of the venue, but Jordan got a good one of Josh while he was on the crowd.

There were thousands of people there 0.0

Anyways, they played a lot of my favorite songs (because every song of theirs is my favorite), including:

Fairly Local



Ode to Sleep

Stressed Out



Addict With A Pen

House of Gold

We Don’t Believe What’s On TV

Lane Boy


Message Man

Tear In My Heart

Holding On To You

Guns for Hands

The Judge


Car Radio



Jump Around (Cover)

Cancer (Cover)

Not in that specific order, and I might have missed a few, but still an almost accurate list.

It was the best concert i’ve ever been to 😀

I was able to buy a beanie and socks with the merch money that Saint Iv gave me.

Overall, even if it was a $20 pair of socks and $35 beanie (THE MARKUP ON THESE MUST BE INSANE), i’m glad I got them.

The concert was an amazing experience, and I’ve already started saving for my ticket for the tour that will follow their new album.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom :3

Dictionary Taboo:

An amazing singer.




  See the one word title in play? SEE IT?

Uh. Anyways.

I think since I have this app called YouDoodle that I’m gonna start making pictures for posts like these, maybe I’ll draw Dum Cheese :I

Yea.. So the Bud not Buddy part 2 Review thingamabob is coming soon.

So at the time of writing this, I’m sitting in my schools office stealing their wifi, which is good for me, cause it’s like the only time of the day I have that is quiet and I have wifi. So remember the Advice running thingy from the other day? It’s because I’m trying to get UBER fit so that I can play on my schools soccer team next year. I’m still not very good, but I practice a TON.

So yea, that’s like 4 things I need to talk about crammed into one post, cheers.

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Dum Cheese Storytime!

Once upon a time, there lived a Dum Cheese in a little village beside The Big Apple.

Cheese Village Storytime Llama

And he didn’t like all the pollution and noise that came from the city, so one day he brought a Protesting sign that told all the city people to stop being jerks to nature.

Cheese Village Storytime Sign

And after the people inside the city didn’t respond after 3 days, the Cheese’s took it to a higher level!


HE BECAME SUPPPER CHEESE! He charged the apple and it exploded into a thousand pieces.

Splody Splody Boom Boom

The end. If you enjoyed like and follow, and look around for more Cheese stories 😀


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My Entire Origami Finger Puppet Collection!


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Minecraft Glitch

2014-10-08_21.43.30 The second repeater is replaced by a chard of bedrock.

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Admiral Power!


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I Made Abstract Art!

Hey Cheeses I made abstract art!

I made abstract art! MOO!
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Turtle Power!

Turtle Power!Turtle Power! I drew this yesterday. Its one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles doing a BAM to a bad guy.

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Pictures of my dog Obi-Wan-Kenobi

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Pictures of my dog Obi!


Dum Cheese Download Pictures

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