Flowers – 2/4

Their bodies, intertwined

Crossed branches adorned with blossoming flowers

Their breath, hot and shallow

And alive and exposed and together

Their hearts, laid open for all to see

For just this moment


The Snow – 1/4

You are in the snow

I wished you would stay

You said you had to go

I nodded, said okay


I lost my gloves outside

You went out for a look

I waited, now I cry

You walked down to the brook


You slipped and hit your head

I didn’t know that yet

You slipped and hit your head

I put you in the snow



Heartstrings – Soundcloud

Hello there you billion brilliant stars. Today I have something very exciting for you all! It’s my first song on the internet with singing (if you don’t count the Minecraft Parody covers from 5 years ago). I would greatly appreciate any positive words at all because i’m not so sure I should even try singing.


You remind me of the rainy days

Staying inside gazing out my window
It’s you that I am trying to chase
But so far it’s only caused me more woe

I’m really sorry honey
But my heartstrings only know the same sad chords
You’re looking at me sideways
But all that I can see is more closed doors

Are the most useful instrument
Inspiration rings
Through my heartstring’s torment

Are the most useful instrument
All my writing
Come from my heartstring’s lament

I’m really sorry honey
But my heartstrings only know the same sad chords
You’re looking at me sideways
But all that I can see is more closed doors

Love is just like other things
That’s the only metaphor I need
Doves can’t fly without their wings
So take my warning and heed

I’m really sorry honey
But my heartstrings only know the same sad chords
You’re looking at me sideways
But all that I can see is more closed doors

I love you
But you don’t love me the way I do to you
But I can blame it on getting no sleep
See the last track, sit and weep

I’m really sorry honey
But my heartstrings only know the same sad chords
You’re looking at me sideways
But all that I can see is more closed doors

note: I am overtagging this post just so that my music gets noticed 🙂

Free Lunch · Home

Free Lunch #37 (“Happy” Fish Edition)

Hello there you happy fish. I want you to know that this is the one of the first few image results for “happy fish”.

I guess he does look happy. But more like a forced happy, like the kind that clowns at birthday parties have to put on to amuse the children. Anyways, back to Free Lunch. It’s been a really long time (2+ weeks) since I’ve posted a Free Lunch, but we’re back now! If you don’t know what Free Lunch is, basically, I just sit down with a device for 5 minutes and write as much as I can before I am out of time.

I’ll be starting at 5:31.

Now it begins. What begins, you might ask? If you did ask, I would be inclined to tell you that it’s Free Lunch. You already knew that, this was just filler. MWHAHAHA.

In meaningful or at least slightly thought poking news, we didn’t have too much work in our classes today. This was very welcome, as I was able to accomplish absolutely nothing in the free time I had for finishing early. Literally all I did was write the introduction to this post (fish and all), leave it, and play Santale and Bad Time Simulator for the rest of the time.

We still don’t have a band teacher, and the substitute got angry at me for correcting her. Ever since she was hired she’s been trying to get us to do non-band stuff in band. She had wanted us to write Haikus, and put that Haikus were 7-5-7 syllables…

I can’t wait until she’s gone. Though she did redeem herself slightly by letting me play Trumpet in the back room, I still don’t like her very much.

My time is up for this Free Lunch. I’m sorry that it was a little on the short side, but hopefully it retained your attention nonetheless.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post :1

Dictionary Taboo:

Minute shreds or ravelings of yarn.

The first person to answer correctly get’s eternal happiness. Probably.


Somewhere Else Poetry

Somewhere Else #9

Sunlight is draped over the room

In it comes, with the force of a typhoon

Those who thought to stare down it’s rays

Only ended up in a blind daze

On and on, day after day, week after week

Somewhere always felt the sun peek

Though often personified, it remained emotionless

Though never aware, it helped relieve stress

Though less appreciated, it kept doing it’s job

Through thick and thin, it will never stop


Home · Somewhere Else Poetry

Somewhere Else #8

Just take 50 paces, then make a right

Walk towards the tree that blocks the light

Once there, look in the massive hollow trunk

And find the cave where you’ll soon spelunk

Scale down the wall, but be very cautious

Don’t look down or you’ll be nauseous

Once you hit the bottom, take the path on the left

The right has tricky foot holds, and bats which equal death

Down the tunnel, you hear a rushing waterfall

Get into the room, sit down after your long haul

Droplets spraying into the air around

The water flows in and out of the ground

The constant push of the freezing water, then the fall

Sitting comfortably reading a book against the wall

Sorry this one sucked!



I turned on nice piano music

Dozed off to Kiss the Rain

Rudely awakened by my brother

Now I am grumpy



An Insult to All Poets

I feel as if whenever I write poetry, it’s really just me kind of making fun of the whole poetry thing. Don’t get me wrong, I think poetry is great, but whenever I write it, looking back it looks like satire to me.

Even when i’m trying to be serious, I often end up utilizing overused tropes to entertain myself. Or maybe that’s just how I see it.

Somewhere Else Poetry

Somewhere Else #7

Always tugging at us to come back

Whenever it’s resolve we lack

A home is a wonderful thing, though often underappreciated

It’s the one thing that always fuels you, and keeps you motivated

Through thick and thin

It’s where you begin

Your often unmade bed waiting for you every night

Inevitably ready to rejuvenate you after every day’s fight

A place to store all of your nostalgic trinkets

With shelves of DVDs, even though you only watch Netflix

A home is the place your heart yearns to be

Even if it’s just a nice shady tree



Shamelessly fighting in the view of the wars

A list of all the things I love:


Disney, in particular Disney Channel

Nintendo, always wearing flannel

Poems and Science

Beauty, not lice!

And also most definitely reading and WordPress

Music, but I digress

Whats most important to me

Is just blogging, can’t you see?

And although this isn’t up to my creative standard

I lost my library card (specifically the lanyard)

I can pull views

With this cheap ruse

So forgive me, the next real post is Monday

I hope you enjoyed my last real post, right here you can find it

So goodbye and now I have realized, I stole Riley’s idea right under his eyes.

So as I am legally required to disclose: