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Posting Schedule (and reactivation)

Yes that’s right I am finally reactivating as an author! Because I am about to leave for summer holiday (sorry, I love sounding British), and next year I won’t have that much work I will be able to post a lot and hopefully get a lot of action on this blog.


I have plans for this blog. Big plans.

Creepiness aside, I have a list of goals for the blog.

Cheesy Merch

I am hoping that eventually we will have enough support and enough fans to justify a Cheesy Shop. Cheesy T-Shirts, Cheesy Cups, and Cheesy Posters.

Mmmmm…cheese *drooling sound*

But if we get enough fan support and enough interest in it, then you can have your very own Cheesy Merch. Leave a comment about your thoughts on the merch and any Cheesy suggestions.

Posting Everyday

This is one of the most important things on this 2 thing list. I will try to be active and hilarious to generate attention for this blog and it’s authors. My Schedule (subject to change) is as follows.

Monday: Status Update and Announcements

Tuesday: Clash and/or Minecraft posts and Updates on YouTube

Wednesday: Series! I am planning a lot of series on YouTube (hint hint) and Wednesday will be our series day. But don’t worry! I will also be doing more series episodes, so keep reading!

Thursday: Just Posts :(. Yeah, even amazing middle-schooler’s have their limits.

Friday: Mystery Day! That’s right Cheeses, you have NO IDEA what is going to happen on Friday. You don’t know whether it’s going to be on Riley’s Backpack (Follow this blog to see if it’s here) on my or Riley’s YouTube channel’s (Follow those too) or on the bumper of a 95 Camaro (send to Cheese HQ, we’ll check).

Saturday: Break Day! I might post if I get likes on my other posts.

Sunday: YouTube Day! Another series video or a Let’s Play.

So that is my unnecessarily long post.

Be sure to Like this post (at least 5 if you want me to be active on Saturday) Follow this Blog, and follow Riley and me on YouTube, WordPress, and life (just kidding no stalkers).







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