what’s good in the hood

how y’all feelin.

it’s jordan !

i haven’t posted something [serious] in quite the while so here’s some snippets of what i’m up to.

i got a depop (you can go follow me @cicato1) ! i sell vintage and modern clothing + shoes & accessories. so far i’ve made no sales, but two of my items have made it in the explore page!

currently, i am in what florida calls a ‘vpa’ art class, which is simply the most advanced level of artistry in my dumb school. the program is very difficult to get into, so much so that it requires an audition if you wanna get in. my art teacher really is pushing us to delve into the world of ceramics, and thus has us working on a very exciting project dealing with it.

the premise of the project is to display the effects oils spills have on strictly marine life. we were instructed to form an animal mutation, which was evidently caused by the oil spill and shows it’s toxic ripple well.

for the project, i decided to do a mutation of a jelly fish and an octopus, but it has a bit of a story behind it.

earlier in the semester, my teacher assigned us a mini project of making ‘parasites’ to get us used to working with clay. for this, i simply sculpted a tentacle with an opening at the top (meant to be a mouth) with a tongue and a set of sharp teeth. the reason for doing this was to correspond to the story of my actual project: the mutated jellyfish.

during the BP oil spill, also known as the most devastating and vastly intrusive oil spills the gulf coast has ever seen, an oil rig exploded, leaking tons of thick, black oil into the ocean surf. as one of the sharp metal pieces in which had been blown off of the rig falls to the ocean floor, it takes and octopus down with it, using it’s sharp edge to cut off some of the octopus’s tentacles. due to the imminent toxicity of the oil, the tentacles morph into their own organism, in which grows into a body with the makeup similar to a worm’s (no eyes, no brain, no guts. just worm) and grows it’s own mouth for with a tongue and teeth. this organism is what i have named a ‘tentatite’, and is deemed an intrusive species or a ‘parasite’ (you see, the parasite done for the mini project is a model of this organism). the tentatite swims the ocean and latches onto various hosts as does a tick. one of the tentatite’s common hosts is a jelly fish, in which it bites the head and overtime fuses with the body, creating the mutated organism of the octopus and jellyfish, which i haven’t thought up a name for (please help me in the comments).

i have the project halfway done, and i’ll show you the dried form tomorrow!

something else that’s happening – my cat peed on my mattress! fun fun fun!

i’m gonna stop this post cause it’s getting to lengthy so



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